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What Clients are Saying

"Andrew Oser is a rare find. He taught me how to meditate and provided expert business advice which gave me the clarity and calmness to make my personal and professional dreams come true. As a result, I was able to attract a powerful board of directors and launch an international campaign that is helping children of all ages realize their highest potential and make their dreams come true too!"

Helice Bridges, Founder/CEO Difference Makers International

"Andrew Oser's coaching has helped our team move The I AM Foundation's programs to a whole new and dynamic level. If you are ready to focus on results and improve your life or business, I encourage you to work with Andrew and see the prosperous and magnificent results."

Steve Viglione, Founder and CEO, The I AM Foundation

"Andrew is a powerful and focused guide on the path of awakening. He is brilliant and resourceful, gently enhancing our sessions with insightful wit and lightness. I am grateful to Andrew for his gracious, kind heart and his wide scope of practical, down-to-earth wisdom. I feel especially blessed to work with him because of his undeniable commitment to me being victorious in both outer success and inner awareness."

Amy McBride, Composer, Berkeley, CA

"The time I spent with Andrew on Mt. Shasta was truly life changing. I’ve never met anyone with Andrew’s combination of spiritual awareness and grounded, practical perspective."

David Chang, Marketing Consultant, Ojai, CA

"Over the last year I have truly benefited from Andrew’s wise counsel and unique gifts of teaching and leading meditation. What started as a four day retreat with my wife in Mt. Shasta last summer has ended up with weekly coaching sessions. These sessions have been instrumental in helping me navigate through the challenges of running a company, fathering four teenage children and most importantly, being a good husband."

Mike Franchot, CEO, Summit Industries, Atlanta



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