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Meet Andrew Oser

Andrew Oser is the Founder and President of Summit Coaching Services. A coach since 1972, Andrew has helped countless individuals to awaken to and express their full potential. Andrew brings a joyful spirit, along with a wide range of experience to his work. He founded and served as Executive Director of the Joy of Sports Foundation, a nonprofit organization which has served more than 50,000 children. He created Effortless Tennis, a breakthrough approach to coaching that sport. He has led trainings throughout North America and Asia, including stress management seminars for major corporations.

Andrew is a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton University. His service has received recognition as a Point of Light by the White House. He is the author of The Joy of Tennis and Star Power for Preschoolers (published by Redleaf Press).

Andrew has long been consumed by a passion for personal and spiritual growth. His approach has been eclectic and non-dogmatic; primary influences include Ramana Maharshi, Tim Gallwey, Marshall Rosenberg, Adyashanti, and Byron Katie. By integrating what he has learned from these and many other teachers with his own fresh perspective, Andrew has developed a unique and powerful coaching model. He loves the challenge of working with a diverse group of clients and helping each of them discover their unique gifts and pathways to success.


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