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Transformational Life Coaching Sessions  |  Mt. Shasta Retreats 
| Sustainability Services for Nonprofits 

Transformational Life Coaching Sessions

Summit Coaching sessions are designed to help you get clear on who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. I can help you discover the simplest, most powerful action steps for moving toward your vision. I encourage and inspire you to take these steps and guide you through whatever internal and external obstacles you may encounter as you move forward. I support you in bringing nonjudgmental awareness to everything which arises so that you may continuously learn and grow.

My coaching approach is results-oriented. By blending left-brain practicality with a deeply heart-centered, intuitive perspective, I help clients bridge the gap between vision and action. I encourage clients to aim high, while staying grounded in developing realistic strategies and timelines.

This approach has proven effective for a broad range of people. My clients include:


  • Executives: The leaders of a business or nonprofit organization deal with the pressures of an overwhelming workload and constant deadlines. Summit Coaching’s approach helps them develop strategies for managing stress effectively and fulfilling both personal and business goals. Drawing upon 15 years of running a successful nonprofit, I have an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges leaders face.
  • People in Transition: If you are ready to move on to a new chapter in your life personally or professionally, Summit Coaching Services can help you to clarify your options and make choices which support your happiness and success. Having lived an adventurous live with several different careers, I am able to help clients see transitions as exciting opportunities, rather than crises.
  • Visionaries: Often, people with a big vision have difficulty chunking it down into bite-size do-able action steps. As a result, they frequently are unsuccessful in bringing their vision into manifestation. Having taken the Joy of Sports Foundation from an idea that popped into his head while running one day to a vibrant organization which has made a difference in the lives of more than 50,000 children, I can guide visionaries in developing and implementing a grounded approach to making their dreams come true.

Summit Coaching sessions generally last one hour and can be delivered by phone or in person. my goal is that every session results in a significant breakthrough for the client. If you'd like to experience Summit Coaching, please contact me for a free consultation.

If you're a new or ongoing client and would like to pay for an individual session or a discounted series of four sessions, please click below.


Mt. Shasta Retreats
for Individuals, Couples, and Small Groups

Ready for renewal? Come to Mt. Shasta for a guided retreat with Summit Coaching Services. Andrew Oser, will take you to sacred spots on this breathtakingly beautiful mountain, guide you in re-connecting deeply with the Source of your being, and help you design an effective strategy to integrate the awakening you receive into your daily life.

Our retreats are customized to meet your needs. They generally include such activities as hikes on the mountain, guided meditation, yoga, and individual life coaching sessions. Your retreat is individually designed to best suit you, in terms of time spent in solitude versus structured, guided activities.

Many couples have experienced dramatic breakthroughs in their relationships through our Mt. Shasta retreats. In addition to the activities mentioned above, we offer couples facilitated dialogues using the Nonviolent Communication method developed by Marshall Rosenberg. When amplified by the energies of the mountain, this technique can produce extraordinary results. Many couples have returned home with longstanding issues resolved, trust restored, and effective new tools for dealing with future challenges.

Andrew has been guiding Mt. Shasta retreats since 1982. He has a deep appreciation for the powerful energies of the mountain and the ability to help clients tap into those energies to make breakthroughs in their lives.

All guided hikes and vision quests on Mt. Shasta are conducted through Shasta Vortex Adventures, which operates under special use permit from the U.S. Forest Service. These activities are fully insured and operate on a non-discriminatory basis.


Winning the Game of Business
is an engaging transformative experiential workshop. Approximately two-thirds of the time is spent on the tennis courts and golf course. While playing, participants discover powerful new approaches to:

  • Preparing for peak performance in tennis, golf, and business
  • Effortlessly playing and working in the zone
  • Continuously improving through awareness and feedback

While acquiring these skills, participants make immediate breakthroughs in their tennis and golf games. They then engage in interactive exercises to explore how these same skills can enable them to make similar breakthroughs in their work.

Winning the Game of Business Is offered in half-day, full-day, or two-day formats to fit the needs of our clients. Andrew Oser co-leads this workshop with Jamie Zimron, creator of Kiai Golf and Steve Halverson, Tennis Director at Aviara Four Seasons Resort, Carlsbad, CA.  See Upcoming Events for future workshop.

Working in the Zone:
Keys to Maximizing Performance and Minimizing Stress

What if you could consistently perform at your peak level, while fully enjoying your work? In this workshop, you will learn powerful, proven keys to doing just that. Drawing upon his 15 years as a nonprofit Executive Director, as well as extensive experience as a tennis and life coach, Andrew Oser will guide you in exploring key themes such as trusting your intuition, taking on the appropriate level of challenge and creating gaps in the workday to release and recharge. You will leave with a clear personalized strategy for how to spend more of your working hours in a state that blends a high level of focus and productivity with joy and ease.

Sustainability Services for Nonprofits

Does your organization constantly struggle to make ends meet?
Does this struggle create a high level of stress for your staff and Board?
Are you starting to burn out and lose your passion to serve?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is “yes,” then you might be interested in the sustainability services  Summit Coaching Services provides to the nonprofit community.

During his career as a nonprofit CEO, Andrew Oser observed first-hand the lack of resources and high turnover that is endemic  to the sector.  He developed an approach that enabled him to maintain his energy and inspiration for 15 years as Executive Director of the Joy of Sports Foundation, while growing an organization that served more than 40,000 children nationwide.

Through Summit Coaching Services, Andrew now offers support to the nonprofit organizations and leaders.  His specialty is helping nonprofits achieve both inner and outer sustainability.  Inner sustainability means creating a culture which supports all employees in maximizing performance, while minimizing stress.  Outer sustainability refers to developing systems and strategies that consistently provide the organization with the financial and human resources needed to effectively carry out its mission. 
Andrew’s combination of nonprofit leadership experience, coaching and training background, and dedication to personal and spiritual growth enable him to bring a uniquely effective perspective to the pursuit of inner and outer sustainability.  He has helped many nonprofit organizations, including Difference Makers International, the I AM Foundation, and the Mt. Shasta Bio-Regional Ecology Center, to reach new levels of sustainability and success.

Summit Coaching Services currently supports nonprofit organizations through:
Consulting and Training. 
Andrew helps nonprofit leaders assess their organizational needs and provides customized training to develop a culture, as well as the practical skills, needed to sustainably meet those needs.  Topics include organizational values, communication skills, fundraising, public relations, and building successful partnerships.

Andrew also offers the Winning the Game of Work seminar to nonprofit leaders.

Retreats can be an extremely powerful catalyst for organizations that are ready to break through to a new level of sustainability.  Andrew offers retreats for Boards, staffs, and combined Board/staff teams.  Through his 25 years experience in leading retreats, Andrew has developed a keen understanding of how to plan and guide a successful, outcomes-based retreat.  Depending on the desired outcomes, Summit Coaching retreats generally include some mix of team-building, visioning, strategic planning, integrated right brain/left brain decision making, and nuts and bolts identification of clear action steps, timelines, and accountabilities.  To ensure that everyone participates with their whole Self, not just their mind, retreats  include times for silence and meditation, yoga, walking in nature, and  other physical activities are appropriate to the group and setting.

•Executive Coaching  


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